About Me
When I grew up my family always had dogs (and the odd cat or two) around and I volunteered as a kennel maid in the local cat & dog home. When I travelled for a year in Australia, it was my dog, Kim, that I missed almost as much as my family. While I was working in Whitehall, I knew that there was something missing. London didn’t allow me a dog, but when I relocated to Glasgow and started working for local corporates, I could see my dream. I figured that many people were like me and needed someone to help exercise their dog while they were at work. I wanted to work with animals and help people by offering a first class professional service so I insisted on getting police checked and fully insured before I started with my first client. That was in 2007.

The Company

Take The Lead is about helping animal lovers look after their pets. Most clients use my service 5 days a week, and others book me in to cater for their pet while they enjoy a holiday. I am helped by two experienced dog lovers for walking duties but the pet feeding I do myself. My modern well-maintained van has custom built pens and can easily accommodate even the largest of breeds. My insurance policy, which I have through NARP, the National Association of Registered Petsitters, is something which I ensure my client’s know about. When one of the dogs caught her claw while out walking, I was able to take her to the local vet, get it cleaned, stitched and prescribed a course of antibiotics without the owner having to outlay a penny! In accordance with my insurance, my clients keys are unlabelled and locked in a safe to ensure maximum security.