From personal experience I’ve always loved having a dog but couldn’t bear the thought of it being locked up for long periods during the day. In the past, I was fortunate as I could pop home at lunch time to exercise my dog, but if there was a meeting or deadlines to be met, I found myself having to rely on friends and family.

The service is straightforward. I call at an agreed time and walk your dog with a small group of other dogs, normally in a local park in the south side of Glasgow. I maintain a group that is small enough to be managed, so all mess is scooped and all the dogs receive the attention they deserve.

The dogs have a real sense of excitement when we collect them and they seem to form a close bond with the other dogs in the crew. This socialising is really valuable as it lessens the aggression some dogs can have. We play ball and have a good run; if it’s wet and windy a brisk walk is ended with a towel dry and some fresh water. On hot days some of the dogs cool down with a quick dip in a near by stream.

I have experience in feeding cats, rabbits, hamsters, fish and tortoises. Some of the cats have been diabetic so I am well versed in administering their injections.

I complete a log so we can stay in touch and you learn all about your pooch or moggy’s day. Additional services like giving medicine or taking in a parcel are not a problem.

For my established clients I offer the following additional services:-

• Dogsitting service in my home
• Dogsitting service in their home
• Occasional early morning and late night walks to accommodate your business requirements
• Occasional early morning and late night walks to accommodate your family needs
• Flexible walking times, recognising social needs, i.e. dinner dates, office parties etc.
• In addition, on a couple of occasions we have taken your “pride and joy” pooch along for a surprise inclusion in wedding photos.

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